Parent/Teacher Organization

Welcome to the PASCS PTO

The PTO is here to help Parents, Teachers and the School work together as a team to provide the best educational experience that we can for our children. Membership is always open. The membership fee is $5.00 per family which entitles your family to ONE vote. Come and have your ideas be heard and add input to the meetings. Click on the PTO Forms link to the left to obtain our membership form, print it out and send it in to school with your child.

About Us

The PTO is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the students of P.A.S.C.S. by engaging in fundraising projects, supporting the various student enrichment activities, providing a forum for parent, teacher, and student interaction through community events, and promoting open communication between parents, teachers, administration and the entire school community. We value the ideas and support of all members and look forward to providing the students of P.A.S.C.S. with the best possible education the school community can provide.

PTO Members

President: Melina Ruiz
Vice President: Tawana Wilder-Salters
Treasurer: Mona David
Secretary: Janet Pagulayan/Judith Sanchez

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